About Carlo

My instinct for design is to build a spotlight for the soul behind ideas, which often gets distorted—if not outright lost—during many processes. Ideas have a pulse that can be seen and felt if given the right attention."



Hi, my name is Carlo Blackmore. I'm a Creative Director with over 10 years of experience in art direction, visual branding, design for websites, mobile apps, and HTML development. I currently work for United Nations Federal Credit Union which serves a global force for peace and social impact.

Design has always been central to my love for life. And I believe that design should make an indelible impression deeper than just pixels or pigment; it should communicate the soul behind an idea.

Originally I'm from Brooklyn, NY. Barbados and Guyana sent my mother and father to Brooklyn; Brooklyn sent us us to Philadelphia; and Philadelphia is where I learned to love all the things that brought me to design.

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